Bird feeder actioncam

I started to feed the small birds in my garden in the beginning of the fall, and I have many small visitors to my bird feeders.

One day I put my small action camera and mounted it on a pole close to one of the bird feeders. The camera is simple and of low quality, but for a test if this was a good way to get some photos of bird feeding it was perfect. If the bird breaks it, it’s not a big loss for me.

I left the camera recording until it filled up all of it’s memory card. Then I edited the result to a shorter film, removing all the recording without any bird.

The end result is a nice little movie with different birds enjoying the nuts in the bird feeder.

In the future I will use one of my tripods to move the camera closer to the feeder to get even better picture quality. And I will also use another camera to get sound recordings.

This is a nice little project for the winter, and it’s in my own backyard so I can set things up on the days I work from home.