What is this, a macintoy?

So, I really don’t know how to start this. But I have used computers for most of my life. It all started with a Commodore Vic-20 when I was a kid. I learned some coding on that one, but it was mostly used to play games.

Later in life I started to work with webproduction, we are talking about building websites with simple text editors. And from this I moved on to be an IT-technician. Working with servers, and client computers.
The last few years I have been a license manager, so I switched from the techi part of IT to the administrative part.

And during all those years I never ever used any kind of Mac computer. Never ever.

Until now.

After some time learning to edit videos, where everyone who helped me out told me to get a Mac, I fell for the pressure and got a MacBook Air M1.

I am now confused. I don’t find things when I look for them where I am used to finding them. My muscle memory is not in sync with the new keyboard, and that’s ok because the shortcuts are not what I expect it to be.

But all in all I think this will be something good. I started my video editor and it started in a second, it loads a project lightning fast and exports a finished video in a few minutes. It makes the whole editing process much more fun.

Now I just need to remap my brain to the new shortcuts.

It will take some time. I am getting old…

New things don’t have to be new

I love technical gadgets. Things that connect to my computer or other fun stuff like sound and picture creations. But I am also on a tight budget, so I can’t shop everything I want. But we have an auction site here in Sweden called Tradera. And this is a fantastic place to find “new” gadgets for a reasonable price.

Of course can’t I always find the thing I want at the moment, but surprisingly often I can find exactly what I am looking for. Then I have to win the bidding, it can be so frustrating to lose the bidding in the last second. I always try to add my final bid in the last seconds of the auction. And everyone else has the same tactics 🙂

I also have sold some stuff online to be able to pay for my hobbies. I am always nervous when I ship a box. I am worried the thing I send off will break in the postal handling and I will be blamed by the user.

All my experience from buying and selling on Tradera has been good. So I always encourage other people to do the same. Why keep stuff when you lose interest in it? It will only collect dust on the shelf. Sell it and make money to buy something that you are interested in now.

Below is one of my latest findings on Tradera, it’s a small video camera from Zoom.

Q4 Handy Video Recorder from Zoom

How do single parents survive?

I needed to take my daughter to an appointment in Stockholm today. My plan was to drive the car, but it started to snow heavily. Snow and traffic in Stockholm is a very bad combination. So we changed plans and decided to take the train.

The problem was I needed to pack a bag with some snacks before we left, and I was booked for a work meeting just before we had to leave. So I was short of time.

I ended up taking part in the meeting while I pointed to what I needed in the bag and she ran around in the apartment to get it.

It is in situations like that I wonder how single parents manage to keep life together. I understand that they are better organized than me, but still, kudos to all of you who manage to keep the family together all by yourself.

On another note, we got more snow, so now I can’t get my car out. I have to cross a public parking lot to get off my driveway. And that parking lot has not been plowed once since the snow fell last Thursday.

I am now just waiting for the parking attendant to come around and write parking fines to the parked cars. They can’t get out because the city has not plowed the snow, but still the city can give them fines.

Winter wonderland and british scones

Today we walked out in the winter wonderland we have. Sun was shining bright and the snow glittered like diamonds. And the air was crisp and cold. It was like a negative ten degrees celsius and no wind.

Lots of people were out walking or cross-country skiing. And everyone had a little silly smile on the lips and greeted everyone they met. Not the usual grumpy quiet Swede. But the sun has that effect on us.

I got my hands on some british toasting muffins, scones and clotted cream from the store Little Britain Shop in Stockholm. And it all tasted fantastic!

Winter landscape

Yesterday we got some snow. Well some is an understatement, we got about 30 cm of snow. I had to work for a while before I was able to get my car out. Roads are slippery and since we don’t have many winters anymore everyone is unused to drive in the snow.

So we went to a store called Stadium Outlet to buy a ski helmet for my daughter. We arrived shortly after they opened but still had to que to get in. And after that experience we decided to skip all other stores and go back home.

Back in Nynäshamn we walked in the city and harbour. It was about 10 degrees cold but almost no wind so it was really nice to walk in the sunlight.

I also got the microphone stand for my Rode PodMic. I mounted the microphone and maid a test call to my mother with my mix minus setup. It worked great and I have a really good sound now.


I have been snowing most of the day. I had to shovel snow twice today just to get out of the door. The picture shows my backyard and my barbeque area. I will not light that for a while now.

I am on parental leave on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. This is fantastic, to be able to spend extra time with my daughter.

Because of the weather I cancelled a trip to Haninge today. My plan was to bring my Rode Podmic to Haningen Musikaffär to test a desk stand if it can hold the weight of the microphone. It’s a very good microphone but very heavy.