A walk in Old Town

We spend most of our days at home now when Sweden is in a semi lockdown. I have my work space in a corner of the living room. So the walls sometimes close in on you. So today we drove to Stockholm Old Town and walked around in the small alleys and narrow streets.

The shops are open but we have restrictions on how much space you need for every customer, so many of the small shops have signs telling you that only one customer is allowed inside. But it is nice to be able to walk around and just look at things and people.

We found a coffee with good space between the tables so we went inside and had a “fika”.

A new beginning…

So this old blog is starting up again.

I stopped updating in 2015 when my daughter was born. But lately I missed writing. Just writing short texts now and then. So here we are.

I decided to write in English now. I work in a international company so I need to practice my English as much as I can.

So let’s see where this journey will take us.