Learning by doing

So my wife and I have a simple Youtube channel. It’s called Filipino food taste test. And the content is simply us tasting different filipino dishes.

It is fun doing but we don’t have any kind of knowledge when it comes to video production. So it is all learning by doing, and failing.

We learned that the camera in a modern mobile phone is fantastic. But we also learned that the sound quality in the same phone is bad. And when sound is bad the video experience is not as good as it could be.

We learned that lightning is important. And that you can build simple softboxes with cardboard boxes and oven foil.

And one important thing. The Internet is full of all the editors you need. I am right now learning to improve the sound with Audacity. And the video edit we are using right now is Shotcut. Both softwares are free to download and use.

This is our video number 4.