What is this, a macintoy?

So, I really don’t know how to start this. But I have used computers for most of my life. It all started with a Commodore Vic-20 when I was a kid. I learned some coding on that one, but it was mostly used to play games.

Later in life I started to work with webproduction, we are talking about building websites with simple text editors. And from this I moved on to be an IT-technician. Working with servers, and client computers.
The last few years I have been a license manager, so I switched from the techi part of IT to the administrative part.

And during all those years I never ever used any kind of Mac computer. Never ever.

Until now.

After some time learning to edit videos, where everyone who helped me out told me to get a Mac, I fell for the pressure and got a MacBook Air M1.

I am now confused. I don’t find things when I look for them where I am used to finding them. My muscle memory is not in sync with the new keyboard, and that’s ok because the shortcuts are not what I expect it to be.

But all in all I think this will be something good. I started my video editor and it started in a second, it loads a project lightning fast and exports a finished video in a few minutes. It makes the whole editing process much more fun.

Now I just need to remap my brain to the new shortcuts.

It will take some time. I am getting old…

Bird feeder actioncam

I started to feed the small birds in my garden in the beginning of the fall, and I have many small visitors to my bird feeders.

One day I put my small action camera and mounted it on a pole close to one of the bird feeders. The camera is simple and of low quality, but for a test if this was a good way to get some photos of bird feeding it was perfect. If the bird breaks it, it’s not a big loss for me.

I left the camera recording until it filled up all of it’s memory card. Then I edited the result to a shorter film, removing all the recording without any bird.

The end result is a nice little movie with different birds enjoying the nuts in the bird feeder.

In the future I will use one of my tripods to move the camera closer to the feeder to get even better picture quality. And I will also use another camera to get sound recordings.

This is a nice little project for the winter, and it’s in my own backyard so I can set things up on the days I work from home.