I logged in on Twitter for the first time in many years. Not much has changed. Well, that’s not true. Last time I used Twitter I was deeply involved in Ubuntu and OSS in Sweden. So my list of accounts I followed mirrored that. Now several years later my interests have changed so I started to remove many accounts and started following others.

But I have a hard time getting interested in what is published. I started to follow the police in Sweden, dead boring, I gave that up after two days.

I started to follow newsmagazines, gave that up after one day. They mostly post links to their own articles and repost others’ repost of that article. It’s a never ending loop about the same thing.

I started to follow some politicians in Sweden. This is fun, many of them brain farts several times a day. Most of them probably should not publish things online at all. And some are really smart and have good comebacks and points.

But mostly I must say I find it hard to become interested. I find it hard to get anything in a context.

So I will probably not be very active with my account.