Winter landscape

Yesterday we got some snow. Well some is an understatement, we got about 30 cm of snow. I had to work for a while before I was able to get my car out. Roads are slippery and since we don’t have many winters anymore everyone is unused to drive in the snow.

So we went to a store called Stadium Outlet to buy a ski helmet for my daughter. We arrived shortly after they opened but still had to que to get in. And after that experience we decided to skip all other stores and go back home.

Back in Nynäshamn we walked in the city and harbour. It was about 10 degrees cold but almost no wind so it was really nice to walk in the sunlight.

I also got the microphone stand for my Rode PodMic. I mounted the microphone and maid a test call to my mother with my mix minus setup. It worked great and I have a really good sound now.