New things don’t have to be new

I love technical gadgets. Things that connect to my computer or other fun stuff like sound and picture creations. But I am also on a tight budget, so I can’t shop everything I want. But we have an auction site here in Sweden called Tradera. And this is a fantastic place to find “new” gadgets for a reasonable price.

Of course can’t I always find the thing I want at the moment, but surprisingly often I can find exactly what I am looking for. Then I have to win the bidding, it can be so frustrating to lose the bidding in the last second. I always try to add my final bid in the last seconds of the auction. And everyone else has the same tactics 🙂

I also have sold some stuff online to be able to pay for my hobbies. I am always nervous when I ship a box. I am worried the thing I send off will break in the postal handling and I will be blamed by the user.

All my experience from buying and selling on Tradera has been good. So I always encourage other people to do the same. Why keep stuff when you lose interest in it? It will only collect dust on the shelf. Sell it and make money to buy something that you are interested in now.

Below is one of my latest findings on Tradera, it’s a small video camera from Zoom.

Q4 Handy Video Recorder from Zoom